Lori and her team have conducted over 500 workplace investigations in both union and non-union settings.  Two cases went to a trial with a jury – and one went to Arbitration.  All cases were won by the expert handling of the investigation.  Lori serves as the lead investigator, having served as the Chief Ethics Officer for Goodrich and currently is responsible for an Ethics Helpline for a privately held company in Oklahoma with more than 100 employees.  Lori had completed an investigation for the company, and a few months later the Board of Directors suggested they have a third party set up the helpline, email address and a USPS address for employees to access.  In addition, Lori trains the employees and managers as to what constitutes a complaint for the Helpline.

  • Conduct legally defensible investigations, including, but not limited to, discrimination, harassment, fraud and embezzlement
  • Conduct employee relations investigations and provide solutions to help mediate the situation, including training for dealing with the aftermath of internal investigations
  • Conduct internal/employee fraud investigations and review relative control processes
  • Provide expert witness testimony for investigations if needed
  • Train your HR/Management Team
    • Identify escalation points
    • Determine who needs to be informed and when
    • Determine if an investigation is needed and who will conduct it (in-house or outsource)
    • Limit the scope of an investigation
    • Identify resolutions
    • Implementation and Follow Through

With a passion for getting to the truth, you will discover that Lori and her team are highly sought after by attorneys and businesses alike.  Lori has worked for many attorneys in several states and has also had several fraud, embezzlement and sex-offender cases prosecuted by the  District Attorney’s Office.  Lori’s commitment to workplace investigations also manifests itself in training Human Resource professionals, Chief Financial Officers and others who may need to conduct an internal investigation.

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