The Value of Slowing Down

Sunday, January 15, 2017 - 1:02pm

It turns out that coloring books are no longer just for the kids.  I personally thought this was absurd, just another "flavor of the month" trend.  This could be because I generally don't like art and it was my only "C" grade in college.  Embarking on a journey to try out this trend, I was skeptical at best.

I became obsessed!  I have more gel pens than I'd care to admit, and with them, I've colored pictures, picture frames, pillows, and my latest feat, a 14x14 canvas. 

Adult coloring is more than just being "in the moment", a bandwagon many companies claim they've jumped on.  It is about concentration, focus, calm, and creativity.  It can be a stress-reducing challenge that results in accomplishment and pride. 

Melody told me about a former employer that set up one of their break rooms with employee-purchased art supplies and encouraged employees to "be creative" on their breaks and lunch time.  I applaud companies that support this kind of effort.

During a hectic workday, it is important to realize the value of slowing down, even if just for a moment.