Ultimate HR is more than a business Human Resources firm.  We take "Human Resources" to mean encompassing the entire individual.  As much we want to believe that employees can separate personal and professional lives, it simply doesn't happen.  We are who we are, and try as we might, our personal and professional lives intermingle.  Ultimate HR is happy to provide banquet and keynote speaking topics, such as:

  • Living with Mental Illness
  • More than "The Blues" - Depression in the Workplace
  • Living with an Addiction
  • Living with a Family Member or Spouse with an Addiction
  • Surviving the Foster Care System
  • Adoption and What it Means to a Child
  • Raising a Special Needs Child
  • Coping with the Adolescent Death of a Parent
  • Coping with Sexual, Physical, or Emotional Abuse
  • Staying Positive When All Seems Negative
  • Motivational, Inspirational, Leadership, Empowerment, and Development topics

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