Ultimate HR brings solutions to your company’s ultimate challenge: effectively managing your human resources. Our mission is to help you build effective employee relations and processes that allow your people to help you increase your company’s profits. We address issues from multiple perspectives and integrate our thinking to help customize your human resource solutions for a perfect “fit” every time. Within our leadership team, we have the depth of experience and knowledge to handle your most complex and challenging human resource needs. Whether you need employee relations advice, assessment of your company’s ethical culture and compliance, recruitment and staffing best practices, designing a benefit plan, executive coaching, or employee training and development, we will work with you to create a solution to meet your business' HR needs.

Whether hiring your first employee or retiring your last, we handle those situations and everything in between.

Most Recent Blog

Beginning next week, Lori will be sharing real world work situations in her new video blog!  She will share her experiences from in the trenches, including how to deal with real issues including how to handle them the right way to keep your business out of litigation.  You can email Lori at lori@uhruc.com to have your anonymous issue discussed.